3D Car Identification

Automatic system for vehicle data extraction using stereoscopic video analysis 

The project aimed to design and develop a next-generation model for surveillance vision systems and traffic monitoring applications. The designed system was envisioned to use novel and advanced techniques for automatic content analysis based on stereoscopic video sequences. The most crucial goal of this project was to create algorithms for stereoscopic video processing and analysis to obtain information about vehicles, especially for estimating their size and classification of their types.

The technology developed within this project can be used in the following applications:

  • Automatic analysis of traffic congestion, which takes into consideration different types of vehicles.
  • Automated traffic violation monitoring and reporting system.
  • Automatic detection of vehicle types.

It was a joint project between:

  • Zylia sp. z o. o.
  • Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics, Poznan University of Technology

The project was funded by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), Poland, Grant No NR02-0022-10/2011.


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