Musicians and sound engineers sharing feedback about Zylia's 3D audio recording solutions

Really impressed with ZM-1 mic! We recorded some ambisonic concerts with it and it was not only easy to setup, it performed extremely well. Really excited to see where Zylia goes next!

Paula Fairfield • Sound Design for Game of Thrones

I love the ZM-1 microphone! I’ve been recording lots of HOA ambience and effects for use in my atmos projects.

Ben Wilkins • The Academy Award in the category Best Sound for Whiplash

It sounds amazing! ​I can't wait to record small music ensembles and ambient sounds with ZYLIA ZM-1.

Mikolai Stroinski • Composer of Witcher 3 music

Everybody is aware that spatial audio is becoming a really big deal. We see the big companies like Apple kind of praising it. The Zylia guys have been in this for a long time and they knew that this was really coming and are really prepared for it.

Jordan Rudess •Dream Theater

The ZYLIA ZM-1 mic has the potential to change the way people record themselves. The technological aspects of this mic are a breakthrough, and it’s stunning that Zylia has been able to bring it to market at the price point it has. ​Anyone making music today should know about this mic.

Joel Hamilton • Studio G Brooklyn​, New York

The ZYLIA ZM-1 is really a revolutionary concept and execution. It has tremendous creative musical applications that I’ve only scratched the surface of, and impresses everyone I’ve used it on. For stripped down, Acoustic recordings there is nothing that comes close in terms of versatility and workflow. I highly recommend you pick one up and explore the future!

Ben Soldate • Sound Designer, Los Angeles​

It is a great tool for music producers and songwriters! 

Uwe Bossert • Reamonn, Achtung Music​

ZYLIA is the most interesting product in the field of audio recording which fell into my hands. When I only think about its different applications, I move myself from the countless rehearsal rooms through concert halls to churches and other unusual places where I had a chance to record music. 
For musicians, ZYLIA is a reflection of simplicity and ease of sound recording. Whereas, for sound engineers, it is a microphone with unprecedented possibilities. 

Antoni Sojka • Sound engineer & designer​





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