Showcasing Remarkable Music Productions with the ZYLIA Microphone


First Aid Kit 'Fireworks' ​by Sony Music UK

To capture the 360 audio live recording on this video, the ZYLIA ZM-1 was used. The audio was also mixed to 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. Please use your headphones. Shot and edited by 4th Floor Creative 'Fireworks' is taken from the album, 'Ruins'.


The Elite Quartet

​Playing Movement No3 of 4 Tango Postcards By Benedikt Brydern. ​Video by James Ivey for Pro Tools Expert.


Unraveled by Yao Wang

Unraveled by Yao Wang is an ​immersive 360 audio and visual experience where the listener finds themselves at the center of all elements, being surrounded by choir, strings, synths, and imagery. Where you turn your head, sound from that direction will be emphasized and filtered.
​For the full immersive experience, please wear headphones. Audio was partially recorded with ZYLIA ZM-1 at Berklee College of Music.


Yao Wang - Spatialized Audio

Unraveled - Learn more about this immersive production.

From Set to Screen: Highlighting Captivating Film Productions Enhanced by the ZYLIA Microphone


Black Beauty

Ben Wilkins (Oscar winner for Whiplash sound) used ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone and software on the set of the American movie Black Beauty (Disney+).


Broad Peak

​Broad Peak (Netflix). We had the pleasure to take part in additional recordings made in the Alps at an altitude of over 3000 meters above sea level. The piercing wind and the sounds of climbing are a very important element of the film that builds the atmosphere and transfers the viewer to the trail followed by the climber.


About the Beginning

About the Beginning is a fictional film about the beauty of the first meetings. Director Amulio Jose Espinosa shot it using an experimental method, where the key part of the narrative is the ambient soundtrack telling the story of the characters.


Mr. Jones

Marcin Matlak, while working on sound recordings for Agnieszka Holland's film, utilized ambient recordings captured with the Zylia microphone to achieve impeccable spatial representation.

360 Audio and Video Productions


Nakamise in Asakusa

360 audio and video movie recorded at Nakamise in Asakusa


Hunting for Witches

​"Hunting for Witches" (Polish title "Polowanie na Wiedźmy") by Michał Matus and Katia Sochaczewska (the audio producer) , available on Audioteka is a documentary audio series that takes us on a journey to explore the magic of our time.
The ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone was a key tool in capturing the unique sounds that make this podcast truly special.


Sunset Binaural 3D Audio in Heidelberg 

Immerse yourself in the beautiful sunset on the Neckarwiese in Heidelberg, Germany. Used gear: ZYLIA ZM-1S and BMPCC 4K + LUMIX 12-35 F2.8 


Ambient/3D Ambisonics

360-degree immersive video recorded with the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone array.
Recorded at Barigui Park, Curitiba - Brazil.


Binaural ambient sound

360-degree immersive video recorded with the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone array.
Recorded at Barigui Park, Curitiba - Brazil.


3rd order Ambisonic recording

Comparison of street sounds recorded with a cell phone and ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone array in Abu Dhabi.


2nd order Ambisonic Recording

Carwash sounds were recorded with ZYLIA ZM-1 and ZR-1 recorder. 2nd order Ambisonics. Video and audio recording by Mauro Corbani.


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