ZYLIA Webinars on 6DoF volumetric audio recording solution

Explore the series of professional webinars on 6 DoF sound, ​
based on ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable Audio solution. 

During the webinar sessions, we will answer questions like:

  • What does "6 Degrees of Freedom" in audio mean?
  • How can you create a truly immersive experience with 3D sound?
  • How to produce a virtual concert with the natural effect of walking through the music?
  • How can you stream multi-point 360° sound and 360° video?

Part I - Introduction to 6 Degrees of Freedom audio solution

Topics covered during this webinar: 

  • The idea of a 6 Degrees of Freedom in audio
  • Spatial depth of different Ambisonic orders
  • ZYLIA ZM-1S microphone array
  • Difference between 3DoF and 6DoF audio
  • 6DoF audio production workflow
  • Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) rendering
  • Different use cases of ZYLIA 6DoF technology:
    • Combining virtual 3D space with 6DoF audio
    • Multipoint 360° audio-video productions
    • 6DoF ambience recordings
    • Ambisonic, binaural and stereo mixes using 6DoF recordings
  • What is inside the ZYLIA 6DoF set​

Part II - 6DoF multipoint Higher-Order Ambisonics recording of a music trio

Topics covered during this webinar: 

  • An innovative recording approach for virtual immersive sound
  • A multipoint Higher-Order Ambisonics mixing (outdoors ZM-1 recordings and indoors 6DoF music recordings)
  • Examples of the placement of the musicians and the placement of the microphones in multipoint HOA recordings
  • Integration of plugins for efficient work pipeline

Part III - Creating a walkthrough movie using ZYLIA 6DoF audio in Unreal and Wwise

Topics covered during this webinar: 

  • Overview and presentation of the walkthrough movie and the VR application with ZYLIA 6DoF recordings of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Real stage and virtual one - collecting necessary data before and after recording
  • Preparing the camera path among musicians
  • Creation of an Unreal scene based on the collected data
  • ZYLIA 6DoF renderer for Wwise configuration
  • Recreation of the camera path inside the Unreal scene
  • Rendering of the final material

Part IV - 360° video production using multiple ZM-1S, 3rd order Ambisonics microphones

Topics covered during this webinar: 

  • What is Ambisonics audio and what possibilities does it provide?
  • Production of a 360 video with 360 audio using multiple ZYLIA microphones – Astor Piazzola’s pieces performed by Konin State Music School
  • Multi-point higher-order Ambisonics recordings – Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra
  • New ways of using Ambisonics audio - ZYLIA 6DoF Navigable Audio solution.

Part V - 360° Video with 1st, 2nd and 3rd order Ambisonics production process

Topics covered during this webinar: 

  • The basic setup for recording 360° video with 3rd order Ambisonics
  • Synchronization of 360° video with Ambisonics audio in Reaper
  • Creating a video with multiple 360° vantage and listening points
  • Platforms for publishing Ambisonics content

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