ZYLIA ZR-1 Portable Recorder is designed for professional users of the innovative ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone array. The powerful ZYLIA ZR-1 offers a convenient laptop replacement for outdoor and ambient sound recordings, 3rd order Ambisonics recording, and 360-degree recording.

The ZYLIA ZR-1 supports the recording of audio from any ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone connected via USB. Equipped with an SD memory card (up to 2 TB) and powered either by 8 AA batteries or an external 5V power source, the ZYLIA ZR-1 allows users to record over 220 hours of 19-channel 48kHz/24-bit PCM audio. Stored files can be easily transferred to laptop and further processed with dedicated ZYLIA software.  

Portable recording device for ZM-1 microphone array

SD card recording - storage of up to 2 TB

Remote control via Bluetooth with mobile application

Live monitoring via headphones

ZM-1 gain control

ZM-1 LED ring control

On-board stereo playback

Powered with 8 AA batteries or with an external DC power supply (micro USB)

Technical parameters

Recording and storage

> Supports all series of ZM-1 microphone arrays
> 19-channel 48kHz/24-bit audio quality
> ZM-1 gain control
> SD card slot – support for SDXC memory card with at least 10 MB/s write speed (class 10), size up to 2 TB. We recommend a SanDisk. 
> Support for Wave64 format – over 175 hours of recordings for 2TB SD card
> Support for WavPack format – around 300 hours of recordings for 2TB SD card

ZYLIA ZR-1 records 22 channels in total. That is, 19 channels from all microphone capsules + 2 channels stereo (pseudo binaural) and one channel timecode if you use ZYLIA ZM-1S.

Recording time & storage: 
1 second --> 3,16 MB/s; 
1 hour --> 11,4 GB/s; 
175 hours --> 2TB

Playback, monitoring and control

> Stereo mini-jack (3.5mm) headphone output for live monitoring and playback 
> Headphones volume control
> On-board stereo playback of captured tracks with Play, Stop, Forward, and Backward control
> ZM-1 LED ring control
> Remote control via Bluetooth with dedicated mobile application

Dimensions and weight  

    > External dimensions:
    206 mm (W) x 196 mm (D) x 58 mm (H)
    8.11 in. (W) x 7.72 in. (D) x 2.28 in. (H)

    > Weight: 1218 g (2.69 pounds)
    > Casing with holders to attach shoulder strap

    Power supply and recording time

    > 8 AA (1.5 V) rechargeable NiMH batteries, 2500 mAh or bigger;
    > External DC power supply via micro USB
    > Continuous recording time:
        • Alkaline batteries: 2.5 hours or more 
        • NiMH (2500 mAh): 4 hours or more

    (!) SD cards and AA batteries are not included in the ZR-1 package.


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