​The basic ZYLIA 6DoF VR/AR set consists of 5 ZM-1S microphone arrays, peripheral devices, and software packages for 6DoF Higher-Order Ambisonics rendering. 

The system can be expanded by multiplying sets (custom setup depending on the size of the recorded venue).

ZYLIA ZM-1S Ambisonics microphone array

The 3rd order Ambisonics microphone array with 19 calibrated capsules (MEMS sensors), high-end 24-bit recording resolution and timecode input channel allowing for synchronization of multiple ZM-1S microphones ZYLIA ZM-1S as well as other devices connected to the recording systems such as video cameras.

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ZYLIA 6DoF HOA Renderer plugin

The plugin allows for the processing and rendering of ZYLIA 6DoF Navigable audio content and interpolates the sound field between 3rd order Ambisonics spheres. These sources can be synthetic or recorded with multiple ZM-1S microphones. With the ZYLIA 6DoF HOA renderer plugin, users can playback synchronized Ambisonics files, change the listener’s position, and orientation between multiple Ambisonics spheres. ​

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5 x ZM-1S microphone arrays - calibrated microphone arrays with synchronization input
5 x 3 meters micro-USB cables
5 x ZYLIA ZM-1S tripod stands
5 x Microphone stand adapters
Headphone amplifier - Behringer HA400
Power adapter for Behringer HA400
5 x 3 meters Jack 3.5mm cable
2 x Jack 3.5mm 3-way splitter
3 x Adapters - Jack 6.3–Jack 3.5mm
10m Jack 3.5mm – Jack 3.5mm audio cable with adapter
HUB USB i-tec Charging 13x USB 3.0 60W
USB 3.0 Cable
Power Adapter for HUB
USB 2.0 10 meters active extender
Audio Inteface for Live Monitoring
Suitcases and bags for cables and hardware
Hex key

ZYLIA ZM-1S macOS/Linux Driver
ZYLIA 6DoF Recording Toolkit
ZYLIA 6DoF HOA Renderer for MaxMSP 
ZYLIA 6DoF HOA Renderer for Wwise 
ZYLIA PRO software package (ZYLIA Studio PRO plugin Free Edition, ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter standalone and plugin)


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